Help! New to ON24

I am struggling with ON24 and have a pre-recorded webinar to run next week. It is all set up as simu-live with rollover audio - so on the day, do I just start the webinar then click play on the recording…and then at the end does it just allow our presenters to talk and not be seen? So it can’t drop back to see the presenters as it would if it was live?

Hi @vanessa.4 this depends on your setting. Did you chose the option: ‘Simulive with roll-over to live’?
If that’s the case, the webinar still start automatically at the time you said it should start. And your presenter can log in as well and at the end of the recording, your presenter can start his part of the webinar. And for now your presenter is still not visible (correct me if I’m wrong and something has been released on the short term, but that is something ON24 was working on I think).

Hope this helps, otherwise feel free to reach out to me, i would be happy to help!